Don’t forget about sustainable Information Technology: ENERGY STAR Low Carbon IT Champions

I posted earlier today about sustainable food. There’s also a thing called sustainable (low carbon) Information Technology, and it matters for health.

Data centers are one of the fastest growing energy uses in the country. Health care has to heal across all dimensions…

EPA ENERGY STAR (@EnergyStar) recognizes Low Carbon IT “Champions” who are cutting costs and saving energy in the one of the fastest growing energy uses in the country – information technology. Please see the case studies and public service announcements (PSAs) recognizing their efforts below.

Kaiser Permanente — the first health care provider to earn ENERGY STAR building certification for their data center — implemented a raised floor optimization (RFO) program, diagnosed their efforts with a unique computer room functional efficiency (CRFE) metric, and optimized cooling during a large expansion

via ENERGY STAR Low Carbon IT Champions : ENERGY STAR.

For more information / why this matters: #greenhealthcare part 4: Health Information Technology helps health care be green | Ted Eytan, MD

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