Infographic Friday: I am a transgender woman. I face these issues. (UNAIDS)

This is part of a group of infographics from @UNAIDS12 populations being left behind | UNAIDS published in July, 2014.

I produced a much rougher version of an infographic in May, 2014 to illustrate just the health care portion the issues a transgender person faces in society, which is wrapped up in a combination of explicit and implicit homophobia. All of it makes health care a less gentle, less healing place, which is the opposite of what health care is supposed to be. Something to think about this World AIDS Day week. Thanks UNAIDS. And of course we’re changing all of this 🙂 .

The above is from this presentation: Presentation: Being a Transgender Ally and Unconscious Bias | Ted Eytan, MD

Ted Eytan, MD