Just Presented: Total Health and Social Innovation, with the Labor Management Partnership

#transformKP: Total Health and Social Innovation (for Labor Management Partnership) from Ted Eytan

What this tweet says is true.

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It is a doctor’s dream to present to the Labor Management Partnership (@LMPTalk). Why? Not because I get to talk to them, because I get to be with them, one of the most iconic leadership and improvement organizations in health care if not all of industry.

An invite to present is an invitation to learn – I interviewed people, studied a little labor history, and connected our mission and values, which are very connected. It was all confirmed during the all hands meeting yesterday, which I’ll post on that separately.

Just in case:

The Labor Management Partnership (LMP) is the largest and longest-lasting partnership of its kind in the country. Created in 1997, it is based on a series of agreements between the Coalition of Kaiser Permanente Unions, made up of 27 union locals, Kaiser Permanente and the Permanente medical groups in each region. Today, it covers almost 100,000 union members and tens of thousands of managers and physicians.

Almost all of the content in the above presentation is creative commons licensed – I created a list of links to all of it below. If there’s something you need that’s not in here, let me know in the comments, I’ll get it to you. Open is the new closed, transparent is the new opaque, saying yes is the new saying no, being human is the new… you get it.

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Ted Eytan, MD