My personal innovation safari to where hospitality and wellness intersect at Even Hotels, Rockville, MD USA

Even Hotels, Rockville, MD USA (View on

When I was at The Conference Board Council on Innovation in September of this year, at the Garfield Innovation Center (@KPGarfield) (see: Through the eyes of interior architects: The new Garfield Innovation Center + future of healthy building | Ted Eytan, MD), I learned about new hotel brand within the Intercontinental Hotels Group (@IHG) that caters to wellness: Even (@EvenHotels).

And fortunately, one of the first properties is in Rockville, MD, so I stopped in for a quick tour. My photos are below. Note the innovative RFID band that hotel guests get that allows them access to parts of the property, plus some of the wellness touches.

My interest was piqued because one of the design challenges at the Council on Innovation resulted in a “healthy hotel” concept, and then we found out the concept already existed from council member Sangeetha Ramkumar, LEED, AP, Director of Global Design for Intercontinental Hotels Group.

I looked up the food certification pictured on the wall and it’s something called “SPE Certified” which I had not heard of before, but looks interesting. see: SPE Certified | Health Through Food | Foodservice Consulting

Thanks to the team at Even Hotels, Rockville for taking a few minutes to show me around – I know the feeling of touring a walk-in guest. Fortunately we all love what we do and have to show 🙂 .


Ted Eytan, MD