Design Sprint is the new Hackathon: Wearables in Health Care at Center for Total Health

The subject line says it all.

In collaboration with Wearables Northeast (@WearablesNE) & Don Schwartz, Georgetown School of Medicine and one of its physicians-of-the-future Konstantin Karmazin (@zenkkarma), and Silica Labs (@silicalabs) Antonio Zugaldia (@zugaldia).

We decided to move away from the hack-a/code-a thon concept and toward something that was less about competition (and therefore more accessible to a wider diversity of people), more about learning and collaborating. When I deconstruct all the code-a-thons I have been to, the most important takeaway for me has been the collaboration aspect, so why not emphasize that instead.

You can learn more about design sprints here The product design sprint: a five-day recipe for startups | Google Ventures – we did ours in a few hours instead of 5 days.

It was also interesting to host an event about wearable devices 15 months after the debut of Google Glass (can’t believe it’s only been that long). I’m sure Glass will be an important chapter in our computing history.

Photos below, enjoy.

Of course must thank the Center for Total Health (@KPTotalHealth) team + the California-based Kaiser Permanente Digital Health (@KPDigitalHealth) Innovation team, and super awesome Interchange team: including Faye Sahai (@fsahai), Roger Lam, Sean Chai, Angus Hui, Marc Leong. Who did I miss? Add in the comments, so glad we get to be part of the same innovation system 🙂 .

Ted Eytan, MD