Dollars for Docs – My totals

What We’ve Learned From Four Years of Diving Into Dollars for Docs – ProPublica.

Of the hundreds of thousands of physicians who have received, 3.4 million payments totaling $4 billion from pharmaceutical companies, here are my stats:

  • Number of times I’m in this database: 0
  • Number of payments I’ve received: 0
  • Amount of payments from pharmaceutical companies or device manufacturers made to me: $0.00
  • When I will next appear in this database: Never

“Why are my medications so expensive? Look at that free stethoscope* around your neck.” – Patient instructor at my medical school

“This information might be useful to you during the free drug lunch that you don’t pay for until later.” – Pharmacology professor at my medical school

My conflict of interest statement is here. Feel free to copy it. Life’s better when it’s conflict free.

*Stethoscope immediately sent to Central America where it was needed, thanks American Medical Student Association 🙂

Ted Eytan, MD