Co-designing a health system for a future generation – Our Generation Y UnFocus Group

This week, in a most awesome way, turned out to be a fantastic bi-coastal collaboration between our sibling innovation centers, Garfield Innovation Center, where I was with its Director, Jennifer Liebermann (@JRuzekLieberman) earlier in the week (see: Through the eyes of interior architects: The new Garfield Innovation Center + future of healthy building | Ted Eytan, MD), and Center for Total Health, where Jennifer Liebermann was with us in Washington, DC, to help facilitate an “UnFocus” group for people who are part of Generation Y.

The purpose is to help Kaiser Permanente and our digital health team (@KPDigitalHealth) vision how health and health care should be and how it can be for a future generation, 10 years from now. There are a lot of choices and options, and a lot of smart people who we work with that know what’s possible. At the same time, everything is always better when it’s co-designed with the people that will be served by it.

Thanks to UnFocus group members for being interested in and caring about the future. We are interested too, because it’s where we spend a lot of time. Cathedral building rather than brick laying 🙂 .

See the rest of the photos from the evening here: 2014.09.25 UnFocus Group – Generation Y – KP Digital Health – an album on Flickr


Hello Steve!

I think in this case instead of being given “this or that” choices, the field is open, and why shouldn’t it be open, right?

Ted Eytan, MD