Presentation: “Health is the new HIT” – Stanford University Biomedical Informatics 207

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Even as a graduate of the University of California, it is hard to deny that Stanford is something of a place of worship when it comes to biomedical informatics 🙂 . I *think* I’ve been here before, but I’m not sure. If I was I probably didn’t fit in, because I *do* remember traveling in bioinformatics circles and, well, I would talk about things like this…Now Carol did ask me to include health policy-ish things, which explains the oversampling of DC images (well, that would have happened anyway).

Thanks to my colleague, Carol Cain, PhD (@ccain), alum of the class of 2006, for inviting me to attend and discuss, and this time, to fit in, with a superbly awesome group of students. Carol has a great ancestry and great descendents at the same time :).

It’s happened – health information technology is now in service to health! I ended up at University of California later in the day where I snapped some photos which are below. The cultures are so …. distinctive. See what you think. Enjoy, comments welcome.

Health is the new HIT – Stanford Biomedical Informatics 207 | July 31 2014 from Ted Eytan

Oh, I didn’t get a chance to tell the “18F” story, but it’s here on my blog… Innovation in Collaboration: What 18F and Kaiser Permanente South Bay have in common | Ted Eytan, MD

And….thank you’s to: Susan Campbell-Weir from the team for the information about Spanish (and the entire team), Mike McNamara, MD and Michelle Edlund from Kaiser Permanente Northwest (@KPNorthwest) for the information about OpenNotes (@MyOpenNotes) at Kaiser Permanente, and Michael Jantzen (@mvs202) for the lovely visualizations of Capital Bikeshare data (@bikeshare)

Ted Eytan, MD