Out2Enroll White House briefing: A year of promoting LGBT health

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Yesterday was the near 1-year anniversary of Out2Enroll (@Out2Enroll) who are:

are a coalition of organizations who want to help lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people stay healthy by making sure that one of the major benefits of the Affordable Care Act – access to affordable, comprehensive health insurance coverage – reaches LGBT communities.

The report: Key Lessons for LGBT Outreach and Enrollment – Out2Enroll was released as well.

I think I was not the only person reflecting on the fact that we were in “the” White House (@whitehouse) for a briefing about how more people who are LGBT people could get health care.

In 2014, the ability of some people, notably people who are transgender, to receive the medical care they have paid for through their premiums is still challenged; that landscape is changing rapidly though, faster than even I thought. The world is changing, it is learning to love better.

Couldn’t stay for the whole briefing, for the best reason…

I couldn’t stay for the whole briefing, and that’s for the best reason – I needed to join a national dialogue of Kaiser Permanente nurses, doctors, allied health providers, and members (yes members) who are designated transgender health champions, across all of our regions, from Hawaii to Washington, DC. This group was created about a year and a half ago. I joined it less than a year ago. A Kaiser Permanente member joined the group this year.

Patients first 🙂 (and #PatientsIncluded )

Here are the photos I grabbed from yesterday, with a little oversampling of Kellan Baker (@KellanEBaker) who’s been a great to mentor to me and so many others working to produce health for people who are LGBT. Allies need allies.

And through the magic of social media/the way back machine, here are the photos I took from last year’s event. Again, at the White House. Where the goal is to support more LGBTQI people in being healthy, not less 🙂 .

Ted Eytan, MD