Photo Friday: Change Reality, Talk about Magic, Learn Javascript. MakerDocs DC

This week’s photograph is of an almost electric (see the full set of photos below) ignite talk given by Kevin Maloy, MD (@maloykr) , Emergency Room physician and innovator at Medstar Institute for Innovation (@MI2Innovation), where he shows an audience how a simple web page, like, say the one for the Center for Total Health (@KPTotalHealth) can gently be edited to become a place to talk about magic.

A place to talk about magic? Maybe. View MakerDocs in DC 42798 on

MakerDocs is the super secret meeting of physicians that none of us wants anyone to know about(™), and includes doctors from across institutions who talk about the magic of innovation and are changing reality.

This is the second major meeting, the first was in San Francisco earlier this year (see: MakerMDs: Physician Intra/Entrepreneurs driven to innovate | Ted Eytan, MD)

Thanks again to Rebecca Coelius, MD (@RebeccaCoelius) and Connie Chen, MD (@ConnieChenMD) for organizing and our other igniter, Jacob Reider, MD (@jacobr), who’s also the Chief Medical Officer of the Office of the National Coordinator, AND Sandeep Pulim, MD (@Spulim) for being our DC facilitator.

Ted Eytan, MD