Health Datapalooza Week, Washington, DC USA

This week in Washington, DC has been (and is usually) Health Datapalooza (@hdpalooza):

Health Datapalooza is a national conference focused on liberating health data, and bringing together the companies, startups, academics, government agencies, and individuals with the newest and most innovative and effective uses of health data to improve patient outcomes.

The Kaiser Permanente Center for Total Health (@KPTotalHealth) entertained a second visit from Her Majesty’s Principal Secretary of State for Health (see photos here), Jeremy Hunt (@Jeremy_Hunt). This included a dialogue about the future of health and health care, and leadership at all levels of an integrated, coordinated health system, featuring our medical and information technology leadership, and member facing primary care physicians, specialists, and support staff.

Following the visit we attended the special reception at the British Embassy, photos below. It’s great to see our nation’s health data innovators come back each year, and the frequent Todd Park (@Todd_Park) sightings are welcome and inspiring 🙂 .


Ted Eytan, MD