My Business Card Doesn’t Have a Job Title on It

I’m not one to post listicles (see below), but… My business card has not had a job title on it since 2008.

Things started out that way because my official HR title was so long it wouldn’t fit on a business card. So I left it off (or at one point it just said “Director”). And then I quickly appreciated that I don’t work for a job title, I work for people. Eventually we created something job-title-wise that made sense, however, I never got around to putting it on my card. Just didn’t seem right.

Over time this has annoyed some people, and makes others curious (“tell me about your role again?” “Director of what?”). I recall one informazine editor who was irritated beyond belief (No, really, what IS your job title)…probably more at himself than me.

As Steve Jobs once said, “Don’t live someone else’s life.” Fortunately, we don’t have to and passing my card is a great way to find out if someone is doing that or not. Try it yourself….

I’m filing this post as part of a series I need to write, including the one about how I don’t like to be called “Dr.” 🙂 .

Oh, here’s the listicle I was referring to, written by Paul Hudson (@MrPaulHudson) in @EliteDaily – it provides some validation for this methodology. Enjoy.

10 Things That The People Who Love Their Lives Are Doing Differently.

This is a great lead up to Innovation Learning Network’s InPerson meeting, which is starting tomorrow. I’ll be joined with about 70 other people from 34 organizations in our nation’s capital who’s business card title / reality mismatch is also quite significant. Follow us! @HealthcareILN – #ILN14

Ted Eytan, MD