Presentation: Being a Transgender Ally and Unconscious Bias

Hi. I’m Ted. With Dana Beyer, MD (@DanaBeyerMD), the first trans Senate candidate in American History

This is the presentation I gave at the 2nd Annual Kaiser Permanente LGBTI Health Symposium, in Universal City, California on May 2, 2014, to 300 of my colleagues. I hope you like it.

2014.05.02 Being a Transgender Ally and Unconscious Bias from Ted Eytan

Regarding the experience of being an ally – one of the best experiences of my professional career – I wish it upon every physician and nurse interested in making humanity a better place for all.

I began working on this back in January, when I put out a call for assistance: Crowdsource Request: Being a transgender ally and unconscious bias | Ted Eytan, MD

Thanks to everyone who offered their help, all outstanding individuals, who willingly shared their wisdom, their stories, their presence in society as examples of the future of health, even in some cases when we’ve never met in person (yet 🙂 ).

I’ll write more about the symposium in another post. If you need any of the references or materials from the presentation, feel free to contact me or post in the comments.

If you’d like to access the videos in the presentation, I published those separately: Video Friday: Edith Bunker, Transgender Ally, 1977; Jeff Platt, Ally, 2014 | Ted Eytan, MD

This presentation was also a first for me. It was the first time a patient AND their physician came on stage with me. In this case it was April Soto, MD, a Southern California Permanente Medical Group family physician. Both are/were amazing.

And of course, <3 always wins.

Ted Eytan, MD