Photo Friday: Happy 3rd, Happy 5th with Center for Total Health and Kaiser Permanente

This week’s photograph is a birthday/anniversary celebration.

The 3rd Birthday – Kaiser Permanente Center for Total Health @KPTotalHealth

We made it to year 4!

Keith (@KMontgomeryNDC) Yen (@YenGreene) Erin (@Erinm81) and I together represent the Permanente Medical Groups and Kaiser Foundation Health Plan partnership in a cross-influence, creative-creation kind of way to support Total Health.

Add in the conversations about healthy food, transportation, the amazing code-a-thons, the personal stories of health and health care, and I think of it as a “Social Innovation Center.” Social innovation is really the new HIT 🙂 .

5th Anniversary

The 5th Anniversary – mine – with The Permanente Federation, LLC,  part of Kaiser Permanente

I keep forgetting to post this, but since I tweeted about the day I started (and I kind of can’t believe I did that, oh well -> New Position | Ted Eytan, MD), I should probably enter into the record the fact that I’m still here, 5 years later, working for the Permanente Medical Groups, as of 2013.

Before I came to Kaiser Permanente I saw its scope as unfathomable, and to an extent, I still do. I’ve officially been a Permanente physician for 13 years (16 if you add residency), and really, I’d do it again in a heartbeat, and that’s kind of obvious if you read this blog. Not because I find perfection every moment of the day, more because I find an incredible human spirit every moment of the day, and the willingness to support the spirit that creates the things above. And I can’t believe that I have the privilege of being a descendant of the women from the Kaiser shipyards…

Here’s a cupcake shot. The future is still sweet, and it is linked to yet another innovation (in its only slightly larger and more icing laden healthy reduced portion size – it’s a birthday…) – a healthy food policy that Erin Meade curated at the Center for Total Health, that will join the rest of Kaiser Permanente May 1, 2014.


Ted Eytan, MD