Just Read: Need for a Non-Discrimination Statement to Protect the Health of the Transgender Population

A week ago, I received this communication from Keshav Tyagi, who’s an MPH Candidate at the University of Southern California Keck School of Medicine:

Hi. I am an MPH student at the University of Southern California, and I am writing a paper about transgender health in the aftermath of the ACA. I was wondering if you knew of any good surveys or statistics I could use to assess the effects of non-discrimination clauses, such as the one made in CA by the DMHC in 2013?

This information was for a paper he was writing, which is now completed and I’m attaching here. The paper provides a nice overview of the public health implications of fair and unfair treatment of people based on their gender identity or expression. The history of our changing health system is just being written now.

Speaking of history, I noted this quote, from Ingrid G. Hoven, World Bank Executive Director representing Germany, published in a post written by Hasan Abdessamad, MD (@habdessamadCan we bank on the World Bank on gender & SOGIE (“sexual orientation, gender identity and expression”) issues!? | Dr. Hasan Abdessamad:

I am comparing the current situation to that we faced 15 years ago when we addressed HIV. If we look back at how we initially handled the issue, we would be embarrassed. We need to hear their voices to gain better insight about their needs.

Thanks for sharing your work with me/us and for being part of a generation of health professionals who are engaged in helping the world learn to love better 🙂 .

Keshav Tyagi – MPHc Protecting the Health of the Transgender Population from Ted Eytan


Hey Ted, my friend started the 501c3 Discrimination Free Zone … he might be helpful with some statistics? Would you like me to connect you to Tali?

Hello Dustin,

Thanks for the offer – the paper is already written – assignment on deadline :), but feel free to make the connection between your friend and Keshav and send them the paper – his linkedin profile is in the post above,


Ted Eytan, MD