15th Annual International Summit on Improving Patient Care in the Office Practice and the Community – Got what I wanted!

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Since any summit with 1200 attendees is going to have at least that many journeys, I can assess my own to say that it worked for me 🙂 .

I was able to participate in several high energy impactful gatherings, along with learning from several of the leaders in my organization and beyond. Most notably:

  • Ed Ellison, MD , the executive medical director and chairman of the board of the Southern California Permanente Medical Group who taught about his commitment to defining a culture rather than having it defined by default, and focus in his leadership on innovation, interconnectedness, and wellness.
  • Michael Kanter, MD, and Kristen Andrews (@ldsklandrews) , also from Southern California Permanente Medical Group, who lead a completely full room through work I have mentioned on here several times, around the Proactive Office Encounter and Complete Care. Hint: if you rely on primary care for preventive care you’ll miss 60% of your opportunity. They don’t miss opportunities here.
  • Somava Stout, MD, who led our World Cafe experience, which I blogged about earlier this week (Our IHIEscapeVelocity: 100 million less forgotten humans by 2025 | Ted Eytan, MD).
  • Gilbert Salinas, BS, MPA, who co-led the first-ever excursion from the summit, to the Center for Total Health (@KPTotalHealth), and spent time with myself and the attendees demonstrating how a patient advocate transitions to a health system leader. There are very few models for this, it’s inspiring.

The Kaiser Permanente Mid-Atlantic Mobile Health Vehicle (@KPMidAtlantic) – which parked itself in the lunch room (how do they do that?) and connected attendees to a future of health care that’s mobile

Todd Sack, MD, who’s leading the medical profession in creating medical offices that heal rather than harm the environment via MyGreenDoctor (I’d love to see a Washington, DC medical practice sign up to certify – any takers?)

Photographs, as usual, below. The one thing I might do differently in the future is choose a location that can be reached via #activetransportation, I can’t help but say that 🙂 

Thanks to Maureen Bisognano (@MaureenBis) and the entire IHI team (@TheIHI) for inspiring us to innovate over the past 2 days, and for being open to inclusion of the people we serve in everything we do.


Ted Eytan, MD