Creating a Culture of Acceptance – UK Army LGBT Forum

If there is one bisexual man in your unit his fitting in depends on how open to diversity your unit is. It is NOT based on how hard he tries to fit in.

From Army Reserve Quarterly features Army LGBT Conference | Army LGBT Forum, part of the reading I’m doing in preparation to discuss implicit bias at the Southern California Permanente Medical Group 2nd Annual LGBTQI Health Symposium.

Just replace/add to the word “bisexual” above with “gay” “lesbian” “transgender” or any population that experiences bias on a regular basis. Change the environment you’re in to “workplace” “hospital” “medical office” “sorority” “university.” Change the pronoun as well :).

What an important way of seeing the world, from an institution that’s charged with keeping the world safe.

Powerful words.

Ted Eytan, MD