It’s Here! Innovation Learning Network Insights, Volume 8 (2014)

The annual Innovation learning Network (@HealthcareILN) insights issue is a great quick way to catch up with the thinking of the people powering the 30+ health systems and other organizations that are part of theInnovation Learning Network. I didn’t write a piece this year (Now Writing: Seven Visual Insights of Social Determinants and Behavior Change – ILN INSIGHTS 2013 | Ted Eytan, MD), but my CEO, Jack Cochran, MD, did. It’s clipped out below.

Although I didn’t write a piece, I am in a piece, that’s also clipped below, which covers a very interesting “pitch session” (that’s with a “p” not a “b”) that was hosted at ILN13 in Boston. My/our pitch was with Paul Tarini (@PaulTarini) and Marilyn Chow (@InnovationChow) and it was called “Carbon War Room” (changed to “Carbon Green Room” – get it?)) see: The Innovation Learning Network Carbon Green Room – putting the ME in AwesoME | Ted Eytan, MD.

Curiously, I much prefer to have someone do the writing than me, even though I write this blog. I’ll need to understand that some time… :). Enjoy and check out the other articles!

Thinking big on a small budget – ILN Insights 2014 Volume 8 from Ted Eytan

What kind of ancestor will you be – ILN Insights Volume 8 posted by Ted Eytan (written by Jack Cochran, MD)

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