Photo Friday: The end of discrimination in health care for people who are transgender, Washington, DC USA

This weeks photograph was taken in the Mayor Vince Gray’s (@mayorvincegray) ceremonial office, in our nation’s capital (of course)

Almost to the year, I wrote this post: When does it get better for trans* people? | Ted Eytan, MD. In it, I said “It’s time” and that our generation was going to change everything.

Now we know the answer:

It is.

We have.

Love always wins.

Video and photos below. The story has been widely reported and I’ll add, in a fair and science-based way, which is also a change. It’s both amazing and unsurprising what good health does to empower and enable people to take control of their own destiny. Who better than health care to make this happen :). It’s what we’re here for, and now we can.

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Ted Eytan, MD