Viewpoint of Billions and State of the Glass Union – National Portrait Gallery

Yesterday was a day filled with Glass and geekery. The special Viewpoint of Billions exhibit at the National Portrait Gallery (@NPG) was open during the weekend, with a special exclusive showing for #GlassDC Explorers in the morning. In the evening, there was a GlassDC meetup where the technology and story behind the exhibit was shared by Det Ansinn (@detansinn) from BrickSimple (@BrickSimple).

On artist David Datuna’s site you can find the interaction between the audience and the piece, through recorded videos that capture the reponses of the glass-wearing viewers.

There was the piece itself at the National Portrait Gallery, and then there was the performance of it – record numbers of people, upwards of 7,000 visited in just one day. That says something about the public interest in wearable technology.

Site of State of the Glass Union speech

While there, we discussed the concept of a State of the Glass Union, and set up a meetup accordingly – it will be held at the US House Triangle (appropriately so). See you there -> Hear the #SOGU (State of the Glass Union) – Google Glass – Washington DC (Washington, DC) – Meetup

Of course there are photos of the exhibit taken by Google Glass.


Ted Eytan, MD