Partnership for #activetransportation – Hashtag of the year

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Yesterday, I went to the unveiling of Partnership for Active Transportation (@ActiveTranspo)’s Safe Routes to Everywhere: Building Healthy Places for Healthy People Through Active Transportation Networks. I have volunteered to represent Kaiser Permanente on the Partnership’s Advisory Board. And why wouldn’t I/we? I have the #activetransportation tagged photos to prove my enthusiasm.

Right now, 11% of trips in the United States happen via walking, an additional 1% happen via bicycle. In Copenhagen, the number is 30% by bicycle. At some level, from what I have read/learned/discussed/collaborated, I feel we are not going to pedometer / fitness band our way out of this. We have to change the community conditions around us, so that when a physician does prescribe physical activity, their patients are capable of doing it in their communities.

The report was warmly received by Representative Eleanor Norton Holmes (@EleanorNorton), as well as Representative Tom Petri as well as partners including the American Public Health Association (@PublicHealth)

In the lead-up to the announcement, I asked Kevin Mills, Vice President of Policy and Trail Development for Rails to Trails about the history of the term “active transportation”, which is defined as:

“Active transportation” is a means of getting around that is powered by human energy, primarily walking and bicycling. Often called “non-motorized transportation,” we prefer the term “active transportation” since it is a more positive statement that expresses the key connection between healthy, active living and our transportation choices.”

…and the fact that I’ve noticed that not a lot of people know the term…yet.

He told me it’s absolutely ready to become part of our national conversation about health, and encourages me in my quest to make #activetransportation hashtag of the year (it’s in my Center for Total Health New Year’s Resolution – documented in blog: New Years Resolutions from the CTH Team | Kaiser Permanente Center for Total Health )

So let’s do it. Whenever you’re walking or bicycling (if you’re wearing Google Glass), just tag your photo #activetransportation – it’s a great way to reflect on how much more you get to “see” when you’re focused on the journey as much as the destination.

Photos from the unveiling are below.

Ted Eytan, MD