#Futurewall – help re-design an 80-foot video touch wall in a space to talk about health

Time flies. The Center for Total Health (@kptotalhealth) is turning three years old this year. In that time, thousands of people have engaged with the 80-foot video touch wall (including many a twitter/facebook profile photo), and almost every time, said to us, “what if the wall….” 

The Wall, #ThroughGlass (who would have thought we’d be visualizing the wall through a head mounted computer that takes a picture when you wink…) View Design Charrette #FutureWall 37322 on Flickr.com

This week, we took part in a Design Charrette ( hashtag #FutureWall ), with, I’m not going to lie, an amazing cross section of Total Health and innovation leaders. Photos are below. We don’t want the ideas to end there, though.

If you wouldn’t mind making a trip over to the Center for Total Health Blog, there’s a post where we’re soliciting comments from the community about how the wall will continue to inspire: You’re Invited — Share Your Ideas for Telling the Total Health Story | Kaiser Permanente Center for Total Health

Thanks, Geoff Thatcher (@GeoffThatcher) and the team from Brand Experience (@TheBrandEx) for guiding the session and holding my hand through scary innovation activities that involve drawing people’s faces. Really, it was fine :).

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Ted Eytan, MD