Just Filmed: Center for Total Health Tech Focus – Connecting Social Care and Medical Care

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I’ve written previously that as much as we feel our health is as threatened today, at the same time, our cities are changing to become healthier (check out these posts for proof). Our health care system is doing the same (it’s true!). 

About two years ago (!) I wrote this post, with some optimism: Exploring Health Care’s blind side with RWJF, AAMC, and TEDMED – its vision is improving | Ted Eytan, MD, and now here we are and things are happening.

At the Kaiser Permanente Center for Total Health (@KPTotalHealth) we love highlighting technology that improves not just personal health but social determinants too. With that in mind, here’s our broadcast from last week, featuring Health Leads (@healthleadsusa), Healthify (@healthifyUS), excellent physician Tom Tesoriero, MD, from Kaiser Permanente Capitol Hill Medical Center, and acting pre-legend Erin Meade (@erinm81) illustrating the reality, and looking at the future. Keith Montgomery (@kmontgomeryndc) is our host (and producer, and director… he teaches me fancy words like “blocking” and “desk read”), and special pop-in visit from Jennifer Christian-Herman, PhD, from Kaiser Permanente Healthworks. A doctor is delighted to know that their health system is looking at many solutions for the social needs of our members 🙂

You can read more about this session at the Center for Total Health blog: The Next Total Health Focus at CTH: Connecting Patients & Social Support for Better Health | Kaiser Permanente Center for Total Health.

I’m including some photos from the shoot at the bottom of the post. Behind the scenes we interacted with a dedicated group of people, clincians, technologists, and social innovators. I have been saying lately that we are a social innovation center. See what you think, comments welcome.

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