Photo Friday: A Year of Photos (2013) and One that Won

The photograph above, taken at 2013’s 17th Street High Heel Race in Dupont Circle, has been selected as a 2014 Winner in the DC Exposed Photography contest, which will find it on display at DC’s Longview Gallery beginning on March 19, 2014. 

Be sure to check out the amazing photographs in this collection.

As I said when I originally posted the photo:

The High Heel Drag Queen Race began 27 years ago with 25 contestants. It is by far my favorite holiday/festival in Washington, DC. it continues to be a gorgeous display of creativity and freedom, because love always wins.

Photo Friday is usually (99% of the time) a scene in Washington, DC, which I consider the most visual city in the world. According to my Flickr calendar, these are also the photographs rated most interesting by other users. I think this display produces a nice summary of the innovation I was involved in, in 2013. Enjoy.


Ted Eytan, MD