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I attended a gathering yesterday in the new Rock Health (@Rock_Health) headquarters of, as the title of this post says, physicians driven to innovate.

Photographs are below. I took them because I wanted to capture the extreme engagement that I saw.

Matthew Holt (@boltyboy) wonders aloud about a group of physicians like this and the fact that our educations are paid for by tax dollars. He’s brought it up to me previously when he told me once that all of my education and here I was taking pictures. It’s a recurring theme that I enjoy :). I’ve addressed that multiple times on this blog by reminding that I’m not taking pictures, I’m capturing the human spirit, which I consider a very important role for a physician. (see: My crazy life ride with Regina Holliday, at #TEDxAlvaPark , Detroit Michigan, USA | Ted Eytan, MD). And…I completely agree. I say this all the time, that our work should be transparent because by and large we did not pay for our education. Our patients are exceptional people and they deserve to know what we’re doing to improve their health every day. The overwhelming majority of physicians do not capture what they’re doing and post it using social media. With Matthew’s encouragement, this may be more the norm and not the exception.

Also, since Matthew asks the good question, I also found another one from him that helped me explain what it is family physicians do to serve society – in three parts. Enjoy, my friend, and thanks for being equally curious about all parts of our health system -> I am a Family Physician. What does that mean (and why should you care)? – Part 1 of 3 | Ted Eytan, MD)

And … for a great discussion about the role of physician leadership, this pair of posts around an important health issue, climate change: What health care is here for: White House Champion of Change Gary Cohen | Ted Eytan, MD and
Rebranding Climate Change as a Public Health Issue (what it has always been) | Ted Eytan, MD

Thanks a ton to Connie Chen, MD (@ConnieeChen) and Rebecca Coelius-Mitchell, MD (@RebeccaCoelius) for being the spark for our ambition to spread health together.


Ted Eytan, MD