The contagion of walking meetings

New for 2014 – The Walking Meeting | David Haimes Oracle Intercompany Financials Blog.

Hey this is great – a blog post on the Oracle Intercompany Financials Blog about a leader trying out walking meetings? Fantastic! Never too late to start.

As I have mentioned previously, I have found that walking meetings are incredibly contagious, meaning that it doesn’t take a whole lot of suggestion for people to take them up. Check out this one, for example: Schlep with a Shrink or Specialist Program – Paiva Psychotherapy

There are very few behavior changes that I’ve found that are stimulated by a tweet or a blog post :). This appears to be one of them.

I wish David a ton of good health in trying this out. Looks like Michele is already on her way. I can’t stand the innovation I get to see on social media sometimes…

You can access my penultimate guide to walking meetings here.


Ted Eytan, MD