Photo Friday: Return of #activetransportation @DCStreetCar – Washington, DC USA

On this quasi-snowy day in our nation’s capital. Our brand new street car (@DCStreetCar), on brand new tracks, was visible, as it undergoes testing.

Zoom out a little bit, and you’ll see the markers of a livable city revolution on this corner. To the right, bike share, to the left, complete streets, in front, a new neighborhood taking shape. The Center for Total Health (@kptotalhealth) is right behind the new construction.

This is a lot different than what this intersection used to look like in September, 1947:

Even though there was no sidewalk, there was a street car back then. Sadly, this other photograph shows the tracks getting ready to be ripped out on neighboring Pennsylvainia avenue in 1962:

That phase is over. Soon you’ll be able to come to the Center via a portfolio of active transportation options.

Our cities are changing. Active transportation is back. Enjoy the revolution.


[…] We’ve never really had a view of how people are moving around a city on bicycle before bikeshare (@Bikeshare), and not before people who understand open data and are friends of Total Health could make it viewable like this. And by the way, if you want to understand that our cities are truly changing into low carbon environments, check out these images of 3rd and H Street NE in 2014 and 1947. […]

Ted Eytan, MD