Doctors, EHRs, and the Patient relationship on the Kojo Nnamdi Show, Washington, DC USA

It is the decade of the patient, when the local (Washington, DC) affiliate (@Wamu885) hosts a conversation about how electronic health records are affecting the relationship between patients and physicians (You, Your Doctor And A Computer: How Technology Impacts Personal Health Care | The Kojo Nnamdi Show).

There was a time when I would come to Washington, DC, and other physicians would say things to me like, “isn’t a patient e-mailing their doctor kind of like spam?”

I was joined by 3 (superstar) physicians:

  • William Yasnoff, MD, PhD, Managing Partner at National Health Information Infrastructure (NHII) Advisors; CEO and President at Health Record Banking Alliance
  • Nareesa A. Mohammed-Rajput, MD, Internal Medicine Physician and Physician Lead for Electronic Medical Records, Johns Hopkins Healthcare
  • Alice L. Fuisz, MD, Internal Medicine Physician, Washington Internist Group (DC); Governor, American College of Physicians, DC Chapter

as Nareesa Mohammed-Rajput, MD (@nmohamme) aptly stated, “across the spectrum from health care.” And guess what, we all want to perform well for our patients, which in 2013 includes using the best technology. The art, which is what the show was about, is making it work for our patients. The comments of the listeners confirmed that there’s optimism, and also some work to do.

You can view the transcript here, or if you are more about the audio, you can listen to the broadcast here.

I also personally enjoy being in a room with other doctors who like taking pictures – they’re the ones that celebrate the human spirit 🙂


Ted Eytan, MD