Engaging Patients/Consumers in Innovation : Blueprint Health IT Innovation Center Summit

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Last week was the BluePrint Health IT (@BlueprintHITInnovation Centers Summit at the Kaiser Permanente Center for Total Health (@KPtotalhealth), isn’t this a fine looking group?

And aren’t they especially fine looking when they are networking on foot?


View Blueprint Health IT Innovation Center Summit 31778 – Massive Walking Meeting aka “Networking on Foot” on Flickr.com

I facilitated a session with Helga Rippen, MD (and PhD, MPH, FACPM) on patient engagement (I’ll say “inclusion” also) in innovation. What was interesting for me was that I found examples where our Center, had, in fact participated in innovating in patient and family inclusion:

Left: Kaiser Permanente Innovation Retreat – Member Panel; Right: Center for Total Health Transgender Healthcare Dialogue

Helga brought along a handy framework:

The Role of Innovation Centers in Engaging Patients/Consumers

Innovation isn’t always a new device or process

What I learned is that we have done things to change the landscape of patient and family involvement, which further stimulates a more efficient, compassionate, high quality health system. That’s a great reflection.

When we speak of the value of innovation centers in the health system, sometimes it’s not a new device or process that moves us into the future, it’s inclusion.

I’d like to point out another innovations going on here – take a look at the healthy meeting approach, both the networking on foot, and the food. The Center for Total Health is implementing Kaiser Permanente’s healthy food guidelines (Thanks Erin Meade – @erinm81 ), and are embarking on the journey to be the organization leader in waste diversion from landfills (Thanks Yen Greene – @yengreene ).

And of course thanks Mike Squires (@eMIkeSquires), Wil Yu (@HlthInnovation) and Keith Montgomery (@KMontgomerynDC), for Directing and Executive Directoring the event and the Center for Total Health.

Photos are below, click to enlarge, comments welcome.

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