Presentation: Why be Social (Media)? @BerkeleyISchool

I had the opportunity in 2013 to repeat what I got to do in 2011, which is lecture at the University of California School of Information (@BerkeleyISchool) in the following course: Info 290A. Finding Health in the US: Health Care and the Information Economy | School of Information

Below are the title slides from the 2013 lecture and the 2011 lecture. Notice how times have changed? If you do our you don’t please let me know in the comments.

2013 – “Our Cities are Changing”

2011 – “Social Media Creates Revolutions”

There’s a discussion and update on the latest data about social media use, and of course a clip of Regina Holliday (@ReginaHolliday) who is the perfect example of why social media should be used for listening as much as talking. Does that theme come across? 🙂

In terms of what I learned, this current class is mostly not using a lot of social media and definitely not using Twitter very much, which tracks with the national data (from the terrific @PewInternet ) that only 18% of Americans do. It’s a good reminder to social media enthusiasts that there’s a wide gap between the do and don’t.

Rest of the slides are below, enjoy. You can also access them full screen here.

Eytan – UC Berkeley iSchool Presentation – Why be Social (Media)? from Ted Eytan

Ted Eytan, MD