The comments are respectful, too, in Changing Gender on the Job – Harvard Business Review

Crucible: Changing Gender on the Job – Harvard Business Review.

Thanks to twitter friend James Spicka (@jcs0716) for pointing this article out to me, it describes the experience of Michael Wallent becoming Megan Wallent at Microsoft Corporation, as published in the Harvard Business Review (@HarvardBiz).

It isn’t just the article that impressed me, it’s the comments. While doing research on transgender health, I have found that most news/media outlets find it perfectly acceptable to publish hateful and prejudicial comments directed at this population, even when they are flagged by other readers. I have found this contributes to the feeling I see in members of this group of people of being invisible or not deserving of compassion. It’s not healthy.

And then there’s the Harvard Business Review, that curates a rational discussion and even apologizes for confusion it creates in labeling of Megan. It shows that people are in fact capable of being respectful and supportive – if this is the expectation. As Quinton Studer once said (I think it was him) – “What you permit, you promote.”

This is the expectation I have and I am really blown away and also unsurprised at the same time at how many people have come to me with articles, ideas, things they see, and messages of support for this and the entire LGBT community. The human spirit is predictably awesome :).

And, Megan is now Michael again

A trip to reveals that Megan is transitioning back to Michael. The blog post, News, is definitely worth a read.

Michael’s rationale makes sense, and it tells me that a person who is transgender is a person – unique and deserving of respect. Health care professionals are here to provide care, dignity, respect for every person, it’s what we do and what we went to school for. Expect it, we’ll deliver it. Our generation enjoys practicing the medicine of inclusion.

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