Photos Friday: GlassMakesFriends across the USA

Ben Chatelain (@phatblat), Senior iOS Developer, Kaiser Permanente Mobile Center of Excellence (View on

This is the final batch of photos from my Google Glass (@projectglass) across America experience. I really enjoyed introducing friends, new, and not so new, to Google Glass for the first time and seeing their reactions. Technology is meant to bring people closer together, and that’s what I experienced here. It was great.

#GlassMakesFriends – click any photo to enlarge

And here are the rest of my photos, taken with a regular camera of my journey involving Glass. As I mentioned in the companion post to this (The USA #ThroughGlass – Photos | Ted Eytan, MD) I learned a ton about America on the journey. What a wonderful country still so full of promise :).

Of course comments welcome, what would you like to do with Glass? I’d like to hear ideas beyond the typical.

For example, several people commented that my #throughglass photos showed them a perspective that they had not experienced before – that of a 6 foot tall person walking around. If you’re not that height, the world looks different to you. What else?


I felt soooo early adopter as I donned the glasses (brilliant marketing, Google!) This first taste satisfied my initial question: the clarity of screen and ability to integrate with my visual perception (check and check). I admit I am attracted to shiny objects, AND I know that shiny objects are only enhancers of real relationships between us and the world. Thanks, Ted, for supercharging the testing of tech in the real world, helping us discover ways to make lives better. I share your optimism!

Ted Eytan, MD