The USA #ThroughGlass – Photos

I am on my way to spend time with colleagues at Kaiser Permanente Colorado (@KPColorado) to discuss leadership and communication, and decided to take the journey through the perspective of my actual eyes, wearing Google Glass (@ProjectGlass).

I was actually inspired by our DC friends at Silica Labs (@silicalabs) who wrote a nice piece of glassware that sends Glass photos right to WordPress, no need to go through the Google cloud. I set up a blog to try it out: GlassBlog | Life #throughglass.

Since I write this blog about what I learned the day before, I can say that I learned a lot about the United States yesterday. The Glass device does offer a different perspective than a regular camera, see what you think.

Click any photo to enlarge, and see you in Denver.

Ok, back to taking photos, including of new Glass friends, technology brings people together to talk about the future 🙂


Ted Eytan, MD