Getting Google Glass: The OOB Experience, New York City, NY, USA

A hug for luck and I was on my way…

I was sent to New York City by my esteemed colleagues at the Kaiser Permanente Center for Total Health (@kptotalhealth) as our designated glass explorer, to pick up Google Glass (@projectglass), and thought i would share the experience with a few people/the world (of course). Here are the photographs. Sky is the color, closest to the brand for total health that we cherish so much…

I guess I will say this experience for the explorer community will go down as a cultural phenomenon for 2013. When you emerge into the Google Glass pickup space (if that’s what it’s called) on the 8th Floor of Google-Chelsea Market in New York City, you see what I saw, a whole world where everyone is wearing computers as if they are normal. It’s a kind of Logan’s Run-esque environment where people are getting fitted for their computers instead of getting plastic surgery  – we like our faces just the way they are..

My glass fitter, Jenny, was extremely patient, supportive, and warm, plus she exuded the normalcy of wearing a computer on one’s face. She appears in my very first video/photographs using the device, which I’m sure happens not uncommonly.

Glass is tightly tied to Google plus, so I don’t know a way to conveniently embed the photos I’ve taken there here – I could download them and repost them, but instead I’ll end up linking to my Google Plus page  where you can see them. +1 on strategy Google :).

Also, there’s no iPhone app (yet?) for Glass, which means some of the features of the device are not enabled.

This is not to say that there’s a tad bit of excitement – I had to edit this post to remove two smileys from it, that’s over the 1 smiley limit.

The device is a different paradigm that I need to get used to. More importantly, though, I and the Center for Total Health need to introduce this and technologies like it to the people we serve. What are your ideas about how you’d like to learn with / work with Glass? I’m going to house it at the Center for Total Health so that it can be used to teach and learn, so post your ideas in the comments. We want to share because we want to listen. When you listen, you learn, when you learn, you heal, you lead, you partner better.

Ted Eytan, MD