Photo Friday: Technology Focus Broadcast , featuring Google Glass

This week’s photograph was taken in the Kaiser Permanente Center for Total Health (@kptotalhealth) during the live broadcast of our second Technology Focus Event, which featured Google Glass (@projectglass) (but was really about wearable computing). More than a few people came together, inside and outside their comfort zone, to help teach and share.

This series has been inspired by our colleagues at the Garfield Innovation Center (@KPGarfield) who learned a long time ago that innovation happening in a center is not innovation. Like our colleagues at the Garfield Center, we’re accountable to our members and the people who serve them to promote their curiosity about the future, and to help the future around us connect and learn what it takes to produce total health, because they want to, and they can, with us.

As I’ve mentioned on here a few dozen times… the Center for Total Health is a glassexplorer, as is the Kaiser Permanente Innovation and Advanced Technology Group. We hope to host affiliate explorers at the Center for Total Health who want to talk about health, and then make it happen, inclusively, for all.

And hey, thanks to Connie Carpenter, RN, Erica Yamada, Roger Lam, Sean Chai, and the team at Silica Labs (@silicalabs) for collaborating with and supporting us.

Oh, and photo above not taken by me, that’s Mi Chelle Sorey behind the camera – she’s the Director of Communications for the Southern California Permanente Medical Group, always willing to help a hand when in the neighborhood 🙂

Ted Eytan, MD