Photos and Video at SCOTUS: End of DOMA, beginning of better health for all

Here’s the video of the moment.

And a photo of the news being delivered:

And more photos:

Here’s ePatientDave and myself, on November 5, 2008, the day after Proposition 8 passed, the day we met in person for the first time, in San Francisco, California. It seemed on that day that love wasn’t winning. But now we know that was temporary.

A man approached me in front of the Supreme Court steps and asked if people were standing on either side of the entry/exit in support of the plaintiffs or the defendants. I told him I was standing on the side of love, which always wins :).

  • Civil Rights Protesters, Washington DC
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  •[email protected]/4404602182/
  • Prop 8 ruling outside Federal court in San Francisco 4
  • Washington DC Demonstration for Equality November 15 2008 15664
  • reason to celebrate
  • Standing on the Side of Love with LGBT People Everywhere!
  • Civil Marriage Protection Act 2012 Signing Ceremony
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  • March on Washington 2013 29383

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