Transgender Health Care Dialogue

There are some events where I put my camera away, and I just capture the human spirit with my eyes instead :).

As the title of the post reads, my colleagues, the community, and I, hosted a dialogue with people who are trans and interested in compassionate, equal, health care. Not just interested, they require it. And they deserve it.

Also today, Kaiser Permanente released an online transgender sensitivity training for health care, designed for everyone in the health system, from physicians, to call center employees, to laboratory technicians. The training is now available for 180,000 employees, and shows genuinely and honestly, the patient effort to receive care that is sometimes uncaring, and teaches about our principles of responsibility to provide respectful, equal care for our patients who are trans.

Since this blog is about what I learn every day, I learned (again) that (a) our patients are willing to teach us, if we ask them, even when we’ve disappointed them, and (b) they want us the best we can be for them, and those who come after them, and (c) they are exceptional people with high expectations, that deserve to be met.

Inclusion has so many benefits not just for health care but for communities and society. I enjoyed watching the physicians, nurses, and leaders of Kaiser Permanente demonstrate that we’re definitely going to make it better, for everyone in every health system. We don’t have a choice, it’s in our DNA :). Thanks for coming everyone, let’s keep the dialogue going.

Ted Eytan, MD