#TheWalkingGallery : Stories in Video

These are the stories of The Walking Gallery, painted by Regina Holliday (@ReginaHolliday), told in 11 second segments. Pick your story.

Have you ever felt like you are in the right moment, in the right place, in the right part of history? This was like that, albeit with a little bit of terror, as I uploaded each video in real time, and it mostly worked. Life is one big prototype here in our nation’s capital.

Twitter handles of our storytellers (please add yours in the comments if I wasn’t inclusive): @fredtrotter , @tedeytan , @motorcycleguy , @Lygeia , Isaac Holliday , @kymlmartin , @RossMartin , @2HealthGuru , @BenMarion1 , @HealthcareWen , @jess_jacobs , @drnic1 , Courtney , Joan Holliday , @joshcrubin , @kcmackrn , @gilmerhealthlaw , @kaitbr , @kaitbr , @ctorgan , @goodmanwood , @MsWz , @EnBloomMedia , @lindseybh , @iowastater , @ryukirby , @thepatientsside , @kenonhit , @susanchull , Jon , @reginaholliday , @susannahfox , Everyone , @craiglipset , @claudiawilliams , Moira , @ReginaHolliday , Everyone

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