Interchange by Kaiser Permanente API Launch and Code-a-Thon – enjoy the journey

I have never been in a code-a-thon that took me to a different state during its operation. And yet….there we were in Virginia in the middle of the night (for a good reason, visiting with Lesley Levine, MD’s (@LRLMD)  brother, who provided us the pizzas for the team’s midnight snack). A the title of the post says, enjoy the journey, which we did.

The code-a-thon is the launch of Interchange by Kasier Permanente:

Interchange by Kaiser Permanente is our open API program. This API securely enables internal and external developers to plug into and use approved public Kaiser Permanente data to improve health care experiences in ways that have never been possible and have yet to be imagined. The availability of the API program has the potential to transform health care interactions, drive new models of consumer engagement, enable safe sharing of Kaiser Permanente digital assets and promote the brand promise of total health as a destination.

We have been working with friends and supporters, including Permanente physicians, nurses, developers and other staff from across the United States, as well as a frankly awesome visit from Farzad Mostashari, MD (@farzad_ONC), who stimulated the group with his wit and probing questions, with a dash of humor. Come back anytime, our friend.

I am working with colleague Mark Groshek, MD (@markgroshek) on a team that is leveraging the API to create a world where a tracker (activity, sleep, food) connects patient and care team rather than creating a gap between them. This is what an API can do, if implemented well. Enjoy the photos. Official release about the API is here.


Ted Eytan, MD