What member / patient engagement looks like #iRetreatKP

When people ask me to talk to them about “patient engagement,” I admit, what’s going through my head is, “I think you’re asking me to tell you how to listen to people?” I don’t believe “engagement” is “rephrasing things so patients do what we tell them” or “telling patients what we’re working on so they can lower their expectations.”

Thanks to Barry Gutierrez Photography, I can tell a lot of my colleagues agree with me. These are the photos from the session I mentioned previously: (#iRetreatKP – My favorite things are Member Voice and Mentorship | Ted Eytan, MD) Look at them and how they are not sitting at the table rounds – some are sitting on the stage itself, as four articulate people we serve, from GenY to Baby Boomer, tell us how much they want us to be the best we can for them.

So it’s not just the patients who are engaged in this room at the Kaiser Permanente Innovation Retreat :).

Thank you again, Farooq, Mackenzie, Regina, Brian, and my colleagues who stood to listen and learn.


Ted Eytan, MD