Innovation Learning Network – Washington DC #ILNdc

The Center for Total Health hosted the following organizations who are (relatively) local to Washington, DC and (mostly) part of the Innovation Learning Network (@healthcareILN) in a conversation we titled #ILNdc:

Of course a walking meeting was involved 🙂

We were working to see sparks and touch points for the more east coast (United States) ILN organizations that are at most a train ride away, often walkable. We found some, which you can see in the photographs below. We also found that the answer to every discussion is not to start a new organization, it’s to celebrate the organization we are already a part of. And for me, to find new friends to attend meetups with, in Washington, DC. 

Thanks a ton Chris McCarthy (@McCarthyChris) for being with us as a leader and helping us discover ourselves as part of a leading region in the world in health innovation. So leading in fact, that we’re hoping to host THE Innovation Learning Network in person meeting in 2014. 

In the meantime, the ILN in person meeting in 2013 starts tomorrow, in Boston. Look for the #ILN13 tweets from there.

Presentations from the day are below.

ILNdc – Robert Wood Johnson Foundation from Ted Eytan

ILNdc – Veterans Affairs Innovations from Ted Eytan

ILNdc – Military Health System from Ted Eytan

ILNdc – Henry Ford Health System from Ted Eytan

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Thanks to the KP Team for hosting so many delegations last Thursday. I remain as impressed today as I was last week when you stated that KP doesn’t gauge physician productivity by RVU measurement but rather by measuring the “Health” of its patients. I’ve never heard this articulated in such a hit-the-nail-on-the-head manner.

Ted Eytan, MD