Photo Friday: Ancitipating Google Glass, Washington, DC USA

Easy choice this week.

Google Glass (@ProjectGlass) (Google Glass) made its first public appearance (that I know of…) at the hip new innovation space 1776 DC (@1776dc) at a meet up aptly titled “Anticipating Google Glass.” In the photograph, Antonio Zugaldia (@zugaldia) of Silica Labs (@silicalabs) is showing the audience the basics of how the device works.

The audience included people from all over the world to take a look for the first time. It was really akin to seeing the iPhone unveiled – everything to understanding how to use it, to how to program for it.

Later that evening, Mayor Vince Gray (@mayorvincegray) even tried on the pair.

The Kaiser Permanente Center for Total Health (@KPtotalhealth) and the Garfield Center (@KPGarfield) are both in the glass explorers program. As soon as we get ours (if not sooner), we’ll be hosting a meetup to talk about glass in health. Please come innovate with us. And yes, I have already thought of an app to support culturally humble health care :).

Here are the rest of my photos from 1776 dc.

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