Come to May’s Technology Focus in Washington, DC and online: Vital Connect

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Technology Focus is a monthly hosted series created in partnership with the Kaiser Permanente Innovation and Advanced Technology Group.

We will interact with technology and people that have the potential to produce health in medical care and beyond, where people live, work, learn, pray, and play.

The series includes person and online participation, with high definition streaming capability from the Center for Total Health, in the heart of Washington, DC.

Technology focus is open to Kaiser Permanente physicians, nurses, staff, members, and the communities we serve, locally and nationally.

May: Vital Connect

Vital Connec’t‘s VitalPatch(tm) is a wearable biometric sensor capable of

  • continuous monitoring combining multiple, simultaneous, advanced, biometric measures to generate meaningful data
  • full configurability to filter data streams and enable thresholds to generate notifications
  • with a comfortable, unobtrusive, disposable form factor

The Technology Focus for May will include a live demonstration of Vital Connect’s biosensor platform, including measurement, transmission, and interpretation of data, as well as discussion of use cases to promote healing in the home, workplace, and after discharge from the hospital.

Follow us on an journey through the prototype workplace, hospital, and home.

We will be joined by

  • Nersi Nazari, PhD, Chairman and CEO, Vital Connect
  • Justin Heindel, Vice President of Business Development, Vital Connect
  • your hosts Ted Eytan, MD, Physician Director • Keith Montgomery, Executive Director Kaiser Permanente Center for Total Health Roger Lam, Kaiser Permanente Innovation and Advanced Technology

and YOU! The amazing live audience

This event will be live streamed in HD and will support two-way interaction with the audience

Ted Eytan, MD