Photo Friday: Nico Quintana , his story

I took this week’s photograph a few weeks ago, in Washington, DC, at a one of its kind rally for transgender health and equality, in one of our most diverse neighborhoods, Columbia Heights.

Nico Quintana, who’s pictured here, shared his story, which he supports me in sharing here as well. Read it and see if describes the kind of care you would hope to receive or provide for another human being.

Nico Quintana shared his own story: Of binding his chest for 10 years, saving up to pay out of pocket for a chest surgery at an outpatient medical center far from DC, given 45 minutes of aftercare, returning home with a life threatening chest infection, being asked at the hospital “are you a man, woman, or what?” before care was delivered.

Quick reminder from previous posts:

In June 2008, the American Medical Association (AMA) House of Delegates stated that the denial to patients with gender identity disorder of otherwise covered benefits represents discrimination, and that the AMA supports “public and private health insurance coverage for treatment for gender identity disorder as recommended by the patient’s physician.”

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ReginaHolliday kaitbr thank you for providing support for me especially on this issue. It means a lot.

tedeytan as you mean so much to us. It has been a joy to watch your advocacy grow ever larger kaitbr

ReginaHolliday kaitbr …good, b/c I’m using you as a model #onamission I tell people “think Regina Holliday dedication”

Ted Eytan, MD