Dialogue about #hcsm at the 2013 #AAMCJtMtg – Academic Medicine and Social Media

Ask us about @wingofzock, or about the future in general. #hcsm breakout at the 2013 AAMC Joint Meeting, Phoenix, Arizona, USA.

Jennifer Salopek, Bryan Vartabedian, Vinny Arora, Ted Eytan, Sarah Sonies – View on Flickr

Luckily, there’s a comprehensive Storify record of the dialogue I had the opportunity to co-lead yesterday. Bryan Vartabedian, MD (@doctor_V), Vinny Arora, MD (@futuredocs), and I (@tedeytan) were at the 2013 Association of American Colleges (@AAMCtoday) joint gathering of…. essentially the leaders of our academic medicine institutions.

A few things

  • Vinny, Bryan, and I are so aligned in our drive to communicate and promote communication, even if we are not in the same environment or passionate about the same thing at the same time. That to me is a good model for the medical profession. We are part of the same community, the same society, dedicated to making lives better.
  • Really great audience and hosting by the WingofZock team (@wingofzock), specifically Jennifer Salopek (@jsalopek) and Sarah Sonies (@ssonies), and a few special guests, most notably my mother (producer of not one but two University of Arizona-trained physicians) and Anita Samarth (@anitasamarth) – it takes a community!
  • Sponsorship courtesy of Joanne Conroy, MD (@joanneconroymd), who is the Chief Health Care Officer of AAMC. Transforming an organization requires sponsorship, and it shows great foresight to bring this conversation to this group.

Like most humans, I love to learn. I enjoyed learning from these leaders.

Slides and Storify below. Thanks for following along.

@Futuredocs & @Doctor_V" target="_blank">Social Media / Academic Medicine – co-presentation with @Futuredocs & @Doctor_V from Ted Eytan


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Ted Eytan, MD