Photo Friday: #activetransportation and the new frictionless Every Body Walk! App

Route: “The Citizen” (click to enlarge) Get this app here

Route: “The Presidential” (click to enlarge)

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This is just one of the photographs I tend to enjoy taking of people engaged in active transportation, while I am engaged in it as well, and usually in my favorite place, the most walkable city in the United States…..Washington, DC.

And now, it’s easy to track your walk quickly, and frictionless-ly with the relaunched Every Body Walk! (@everybodywalk) app, available for Android and iOS.

Why ‘frictionless’?

When you download and use it, you’ll see what I mean. When you are on the move, it’s hard and unrewarding to spend time tending to your smartphone for tracking purposes, and this redesigned app doesn’t make you do that. There’s just a big huge button that says “Start”. Press it, and keep going.

The sharing part is really easy, too. This comes in handy when you are going on a walking meeting (which you are doing, aren’t you), and it’s helpful to share with the person who you introduced this to (you are introducing walking meetings to others, aren’t you) how you did, where you went etc.

My approach is to walk a different route every morning, depending on how many social determinants of health I would like to study. I’ve named my routes accordingly in the images on the right. Feel free to do the same and post your results – tag them #activetransportation.

Here’s a gallery of past routes / images I’ve taken. Isn’t Washington, DC, beautiful?

Prevention is the new HIT.


Ted Eytan, MD