March’s Community Tour of @kptotalhealth: Focus on Diversity, for LGBT Health Awareness Week

Equality equals health at the Center for Total Health (and everywhere) View on Flickr

Welcome to March’s community tour of the Kaiser Permanente Center for Total Health (@kptotalhealth)

Please sign up using your favorite social network, either Facebook or Google Plus, or both.

This month’s tour is a focus on supporting a diverse workforce and a healthy diverse community, inclusive of trans people, as well as their lesbian, gay, and bisexual peers.


If 100% on these indices meant that health and health care was accessible to all LGBT people, there would not need to be an awareness week or a dialogue about LGBT health. However, they are just a start, more discussion is needed about what it means to eliminate health inequalities in this population, especially for trans people, who we will emphasize this month.

Have you:

– Wanted to see the Center for Total Health?
– Been to the Center for Total Health for an event but didn’t have time to “see” it”?
– Been interested in Total Health and want to network with others?

Then this experience is for you!

I’ll be the tour guide, walking you through the history and interactive exhibits describing Total Health, while you network with colleagues similarly interested the future of health and health care.

For maximum interaction and comfort, the tour group size is limited to 20 participants.


Ted Eytan, MD