Now Writing: Seven Visual Insights of Social Determinants and Behavior Change – ILN INSIGHTS 2013

Innovation Learning Network (@HealthcareILN) Insights 2013 is here! And thanks to to the graphical stylings of Tim Rawson (@noswar) and the editing ambrosia of Chris McCarthy (@McCarthyChris), I get to be a part of it. The article as published (on page 58), entitled “7 Visual Insights of Social Determinants” was actually posted on this blog in draft form to get community feedback. That feedback was super helpful, as it exposed the first iteration as a bit of a jumbled mess (see: Requesting crowd Peer Review: Visual Primer on Social Determinants of Health | Ted Eytan, MD).

Maybe it’s still a jumbled mess, you tell me. Either way, this is the publication to be a part of. It only comes out once a year, it’s tied to the best Innovation Learning Network and it’s a great vehicle for the non-compliant physician article writer.

As we all worry about the choices people make that result in good or poor health, I wanted to distill what I’ve been learning over the past 2 years about (a) what our goal should be – reduce health inequalities, and (b) how we should get there – focus on the causes of the causes of poor health.

I believe that since I envisioned this piece that the concept of social determinants of health has gotten broader exposure. You tell me if you’ve heard this all before.

The link above is to the entire publication (which you should read), but if you want to sneak a view at just my article, here it is. Enjoy, comments always welcome, thanks for crowdsourcing me out of the fog.

Insights vol.7web.pdf from Ted Eytan


@tedeytan, thanks so much for both your photographic and written contributions to our newest “Insights.” Keep writing & snapping!

Ted Eytan, MD