Photo Friday: You’re Amazing (when you’re walking)

I didn’t pull this photograph off the web, I took it myself, in Washington, DC’s Penn Quarter/Chinatown.

45 minutes into my walk to work in 18 degree weather (and after returning a library book – love your library), I had a choice to make. I could abort the 60 minute walk and hop on the warm metro for the remaining 1.4 miles, or keep going for another 30 minutes. Both options count as #activetransportation , so no dilemma there. To use the metro, though, means that you have to stop moving, even for a few minutes – that’s bad for the brain. I decided I’d walk, and within 30 seconds of making that decision, I turned the corner and found this, the (my) quintessential Ted photo.

I had a feeling I’d be rewarded for walking, it’s usually what happens….enjoy.

Ted Eytan, MD