“Embrace of Failure” – TEDx talk with Regina Holliday

You’re missing out when you are doing this by yourself: A doctor and a patient discuss their recognition of the failure of bouncing a ball alone in medicine and the success that came from partnership.

November, 2012 was a little busy. Board recertification (I took the exam 2 days after this was filmed), my first Coursera course, and preparing for my first TEDx talk, with Regina Holliday (@ReginaHolliday).

There’s additional background in here as to why I chose, and am, a family physician, and how it’s connected to me choosing, and being, the kind of doctor that does a TEDx talk with a patient. To become that is the best thing of all.

Enjoy and thanks a ton to the Henry Ford Health System Institute for Innovation (@henryfordideas) and the Innovation Learning Network (@healthcareILN).


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